What People Are Saying About NicaYoga

As a yoga teacher, I believe that Camino is on the way to being a wonderful place for a yoga retreat. The site is close to the beach, yet far enough from it to be away from the noises and hustle and bustle of town. Jason has tried to preserve every tree on site in any building that is going on. There is a beautiful area for rest and relax by the pool and a great Nicaraguan style “palapa” for outdoor yoga practice.

Jason and Dana are stellar human beings who have placed their entire lives into creating Camino del Sol and are assured to give you 100% of their time, love and effort for your upcoming retreat.

Best of luck,

Katie Silcox (a teacher who also plans to do retreats there in the future!)

Well, Lindsay and I have arrived back home safely… Albeit, with a pinch of sadness and hesitation to re-start the week. (I am waking up at 2:30am to get right back to work). Thank you both for sharing your amazing space, your precious family and your incredible friends and life with us. We have come away with more mindfulness, joy, patience (language barrier!), tolerance (power outages! Haha), appreciation, knowledge, understanding and mostly inner peace. I can’t explain the calm I feel– both physically and mentally as I step back into this crazy, chaotic city. And I know your lives are crazy as well– in a different way– but there is a happiness that I experienced at Nica Yoga and in San Juan that I don’t have on a daily basis grinding away here. (I think Kristen’s book is playing mind tricks on me! 😉 I credit your hospitality for making our trip what it was– truly a memorable, meaningful vacation. Please know that you have friends in Texas who would love to show you around these parts if you ever need an escape of your own. Should you need anything- please don’t hesitate to call or email. I am so happy this trip worked out and that we connected so splendidly. I will send more like-minded friends your way!

With deep gratitude, Namaste…. Sonia

My wife and I picked the first lot and built one of the first houses in the community. As you can understand we took a “risk” without knowing how Jason would develop the community and based our decision on the type of person Jason is, what we felt he stands for, and the passion behind his vision. We could not be happier with the outcome and will be heading down in a few weeks to enjoy once again.

I feel the highlights of El Camino and Nica Yoga are:

  1. Natural beauty in the landscaping, they did not tear down all the trees, everything fits with the environment and looks natural.
  2. The quality of construction was second to none, and this goes into every part of El Camino.
  3. The people involved in the project and the other homeowners are solid group of “good” people. Jason attracts like minded people and everyone seems to be involved for the right reasons.
  4. The community is just far enough from town to keep its serenity, but close enough to enjoy San Juan Del Sur and its restraunts and atmosphere.
  5. The facilities at El Camino are set up perfectly with the surroundings which makes it such a peaceful place.
  6. Everyone I know who has visited and stayed at El Camino were overly impressed with everything the community offers.

I know there is more, but I need to get back to work. Overall I would support Jason and El Camino/Nica Yoga because he is a good person, who does things right, for the right reasons. This translates into a place with such good energy, I wish everyone could experience this. I hope you choose to support El Camino, and Nica Yoga, I know you will be impressed.


Colby & Kristin Keener

My name is Michelle and I stayed at El Camino del Sol for two weeks in February. I had a fabulous stay. Dana and Jason are wonderful people; very accomodating and friendly. You will have a great retreat. During my stay there was still some minor construction in the central courtyard area yet it was still extremely peaceful and restful. I stayed in a two story house and at night the breeze would come down from the mountains– it was a joy just to sleep there and be surrounded by the stars.

I practiced yoga on my own and with Dana. The yoga center was not yet built but it was still a great environment to practice yoga and I am sure once the center is constructed it will be very conducive to meditation and practice.

On a practical level, I had my own kitchen and cooked which was fantastic. There is a market in town with cheap veggies and fruit and also a fairly modern grocery store (although I recommend getting your veggies and fruit at the market). I rented a bike for about 5 dollars a day and road into town and back which I enjoyed (the roads were being repaired so I am sure they will be better by the time you are there). There are many places for internet in town as well. I would discuss with Jason cell phone options as well. It was helpful to be able to call from town if I had a question or needed help.

I am not sure if this was helpful but please feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific questions.

Take care,